Short Games

Necropolis 2350 Advance on New Budapest

Orders from the Pope himeself! Retake New Budapest and fly the flag of the Church from every corner of the city.

Twelve offensive strikes and feints coordinated. Several Lances led by Lt. Nacho of the Orden Sacrae Flamulae to take the most hazardous mission — removal of enemy bunkers en route to New Budapest. Air support provided if needed. Calvary Main Battle Tanks (MBT’s) assigned to the primary lance.

Primary lance members: Senior Knight Nacho, Knights Francisco, Dismas, Dutch and Zeus accompanied by Chaplain Victor. An additional lance of Knight assault troopers and one of sergeants to pilot the tanks also provided.

Heavy resistance and anti-tank weaponry encountered. Lt. Nacho called in air support (though conflicting reports indicate he dismissed said support upon arrival – Nacho’s penchant for contradiction seems to grow). Zombie snipers utilized so-called “weird science” artifacts such as Hellmouth cannons and Gehenna blasters as well as conventional stolen Church weaponry such as Dove missiles. Banshee totems were quickly destroyed under Nacho’s leadership. Heavy-density minefield with corpse mines encountered, destroying one Calvary tank. Francisco and Victor took out stolen Jericho tanks and fragged bunkers using heavy weaponry.

Bunker leader revealed himself as a vampire, using Satanic powers to teleport into the middle of the group and combat Dutch with a Stygian sword. Other powers of deflection and displacement evident. Vampire struck Dutch a grievous wound. Dutch shrugged off wounds and countered attack with his holy sword. Dismas piloted a tank and ran down the vampire, knocking him prone. Chaplain Victor followed it up with 300 rounds from the Chain gun on his tank, obliterating the leader.

Bunkers destroyed and three routes to New Budapest opened. Recommend Lt. Nacho’s Lance for reconnaissance work.



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