Short Games

Necropolis 2350 Cardinal Error

Preceptor Master Report:

Senior Lance members: Knight Jirvan de Quattro on ‘leave’ with the Ordo Penitentia after the shopping channel fiasco. Promoted Knights Dietrich Gousins (“Dutch”). Commanding officer Nacho joined by Knights Francisco, Dismas and Cortez.

Subordinate Lance members: Critical mission requires back-up. Knights Frederick (“Fred”), Famke, Zeus and Tennyson reported to Lt. Nacho as well as Chaplain Armando.

Mission broadcast live via helmet cams to discourage further resistance operations.

Abandoned monastery on a high plateau near the Kobia border. Met by Corporate/Church liaison bureaucrat as well as PIO. Cardinal David Vespasian and retinue kidnapped by resistance force sympathetic to Corporate agenda. Nacho arranged a Cherub drop-off. Instructions to not bring weapons other than flechette rifles and swords – it would seem Nacho master-minded insubordinate approach, hiding more lethal armaments. Insubordination? Recommend leniency given the situation.

Bad intelligence regarding resistance/rebels. No living opposition. Monastery infested with covert Rephaim force. Are there cultists active in the region? How did undead arrange this without help? Trigger of Corpse Mines fragged Armando. Wights emerged. Poison talons took out Famke. Zombie grenadiers killed Tennyson. Nacho ordered suppressive fire on heat signatures, revealing/exploding other Corpse Mines. Dutch suffered a case of the Shakes for a day; chaplain has seen to it and he should be fine.

Zombie incendiary grenade nearly incinerated Nacho, as his contraband flamethrower exploded. Francisco found a stygian Greater Mummy converting the corpse of the cardinal. Thank the Lord the ritual was interrupted. Mummy called upon Satanic powers. Fear caused Fred to die of heart failure. Francisco and Lt. Nacho nearly perished, Francisco forever scarred by the experience. Nacho barely survived, Francisco reviving his heart. Lance had difficulty harming the greater Rephaim.

Closed for melee. Sledgehammers and molecular swords brought the hell-spawn down. Nacho, revived, delivered a live speech, increasing enrollment in the Sacrae Flamulae by 5.5%. Signs of insubordination countered by vigor of faith?

Mission closed.



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