Short Games

Necropolis 2350 Grab and Rescue

Your Lance (Squad):

  • Francisco, demolitions and ‘mcgyver’, chain smoker…fear of rabbits (Brent)
  • Jirvan de Cuatro, artillerist, arrogant…semi-delusional (Chris)
  • Dismas, scout and de facto senior knight, scars on back indicate punishment, envy of the easy corporate life, to be watched or molded (Jason)
  • Cortez, assault trooper, huge, possible growth mutation (John)
  • 2nd LT Nacho, Senior Knight and Flame-thrower expert. In need of civ sensitivity training (Paul)

Senior Knight Synopsis:
LT Nacho survived Nephilim wreckage. Relieved junior knight, Dismas. Report by Nacho indicates near disaster until his arrival. Francisco returned the Prophet APC to operating order; Knight Fitzroy Malhoon took control of APC. Radio tower located; Francisco began repairs using items scavenged from Nephilim by Dismas. Unfriendlies surrounded radio tower. New undead, “SBACula,” among them. Some concern over Nacho’s ability to command – near death from zombie grenadiers using mono-filament grenades. Francisco made radio connection – called in Angel dropship. Order to climb tallest point in Olisipo with specimen intact.

Enemy unit eliminated. Cortez received distress call over short-wave. Civs still alive in Olisipo! Rescued men from zombie attack. Leader, Jeff Koenig, hostile to Knight presence but pressed to rescue women and children. Nearly 60 civilians living under city streets – LT Nacho ordered his men not to enter habitation. Some resentment. Extreme force required to clear zombie troops to reach ruin of Hotel Salus. Cleared zombie enemy and left Koenig with some civilians while Lance made second pickup. Jirvan called in a second Angel to handle number of civs. Returning with all civs, found several at Hotel had been ambushed and killed. Possible tactical blunder by Nacho.

30 flights of stairs to reach roof access, heavy fighting. Cortez and Jirvan captured video. Cortez watched by the “eye of God” – survived grenade explosion. Perhaps a miracle worker? Francisco fixed elevator cabling and hook set to Angel while Jirvan rappelled down building and fixed cable to SBACula cage. Civilians loaded and specimen secured. Mission accomplished. Jirvan managed to secure himself on the cage during flight. Useful propaganda video.

Mission followup: More civ survivors in Olisipo possible. Koenig’s appearance on Channel 7 generated negative publicity for Incinerator Ordo. Recommend sensitivity training for Nacho.
Ordo Sacrae Flamulae Sales Drive Synopsis, Channel 7 “the Spirit”

Mixed bag regarding profits. Damage control required after Nacho’s Lance bent truth and the now-famous, “chalice incident.” Some swearing on live TV. Preacher unit may need to intervene. Media training required.

  1. Unicorn Perseverance Pendant: Surveys indicate viewers were a bit lost regarding Knight Cortez’s message. Sales flat vs. prior month. Coaching recommended.
  2. Sacrae Flamulae Vintage “Earth” Wine: Impassioned speech by Knight Francisco drove up sales by 3% vs. prior month. Some damage control required after use of “hell” metaphor and references to old Earth that implied grapes originated there. Recommend Preacher treatment of Francisco’s cigarette addiction, which likely leads to fits of untruth.
  3. Sacrae Flamulae Hardback Scripture Travel Book: Knight Jirvan increased sales by 2.3% vs. prior month. Use of scripture was solid.
  4. Crystal Chalice with Incinerator Emblem: LT Nacho off-message and too liberal in interpretation. Entire sale may be a 16% loss due to this one incident. Price changed three times and an unauthorized offer of 2-for-1 had to be honored. Mixed with falsehoods, quite a disaster. Not recommending Nacho media event without significant coaching.
  5. Incinerator Duct Tape: Sales up 23% vs. prior month. Noted that Knight Dismas was at a complete loss – lots of blank air-time. Viewers seemed to appreciate this simplicity, however. Country bumpkin appearance might work again – let’s see if we can polish Dismas for the next round.



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