Short Games

Necropolis 2350: Snatch and Grab

Your Lance (Squad):

  • Francisco, demolitions and ‘mcgyver’, chain smoker…fear of rabbits (Brent)
  • Jirvan de Cuatro, artillerist, arrogant…semi-delusional (Chris)
  • Dismus, scout and de facto senior knight, scars on back indicate punishment, envy of the easy corporate life, to be watched or molded (Jason)
  • Cortez, assault trooper, huge, possible growth mutation (John)

Date: 32.VI.2050; 2030 Zulu.

Late one evening in your Preceptory, your superiors bring you into a briefing room:

“Ten years ago, the Rephaim captured the city of Olisipo, south of what is now the border between Dead Zone Beta and Tomaculum. You’ll be handed a small data file on the city after the briefing. Much of the city was destroyed and we managed to evacuate the vast majority of citizens, so we have no immediate interest in recapturing it. The Rephaim seem to know this, because they haven’t bothered
fortifying it. What they have been doing is fi eld testing new species, though. It seems they use the city as a sort of training ground, which has played right into our hands.

Over the last few years, the Ordines have conducted a number of covert missions into Olisipo for the purposes of grabbing specimens. We don’t take many and we don’t do it often—as far as we know, the Rephaim are none the wiser, and attribute any losses to their live-fire combat exercises. Your mission is to follow on from other missions and snatch living specimens for our Lazarite comrades to play with.

Technicians have modifi ed a Job supply truck by adding a number of sturdy holding tanks and fitting seats for your Lance. It won’t be a smooth ride, but she’s perfect for the task. The tanks are rated 12D, which should suffice for most regular Rephaim. If you get anything stronger, we can’t guarantee how long they’ll be contained.

A Nephilim Dropship will drop the APC in the docklands district just before dawn. We don’t want the Rephaim alerted to your presence, so the Nephilim won’t be available for air support. The pilot will circle around in the wastes between the city and the border, dropping into headset communication range every 30 minutes or so. Signal as soon as you’ve got a specimen and she’ll land and pick you up. We want to minimize her presence, so work fast.

Enemy Forces: The bulk of the enemy forces are known to comprise skeletons and zombies. We’re not interested in these, though, or in vampires or mummies. The Lazarites want new specimens. In essence, if you encounter something you’ve never seen before, grab it! Avoid engagements with regular Rephaim forces at all costs.
Support: Because this is a covert mission, you’ll be going in alone. Sergeants just don’t have the training for this sort of work. This is another reason for you to avoid contact where possible.

Equipment: This is a snatch-and-grab mission. Aside from your regular gear, the Lance will be issued with two tangle guns, each with two rounds. Everyone is to take a corpse catcher as well."

Population: 1.32 million (currently abandoned). Location: 75 miles south of current Tomaculum border and 22 miles inland. The city sits on the southern bank of the Tamesis River.

Purpose: Heavy industry and shipbuilding hub (nonfunctional). Olisipo was divided into two distinct areas. Located on the river banks were the docks, shipyards, and heavy industry plants. During the Rephaim invasion, the docks served as the stronghold for the Ordines. Almost the entire population was evacuated from here on heavily armed ships, or via convoys of Job supply trucks and Pedael cargo lifters.

Before the final withdraw, the Ordines ordered an intense artillery and aerial bombardment to deny the Rephaim use of any facilities. The residential and administrative districts were constructed fi ve miles south of the city, along Highway 19R, in a series of four concentric circles. The outermost zone contained housing for the general populace. Next were light industrial and administrative businesses. Inside of this sat the housing of the elite, and well as an urban Preceptory. The core district served the Curia, and contained two notable building —the Cathedral of St. Thomas, and the Basilica of the Rose-Cross.

Senior Knight synopsis:
Olisipo a burned wreck; bombed freighters by old docks. Senior Knight Bogdanovich flew us in a Nephilim aircraft to the drop site. Driving the APC are Knights Fitzroy Malhoun and Oskar Nuttal. Fitzroy, borderline insubordinate. Searched old docks. Ambush! Flechette rifle-wielding zombies taken out. Cortez wasted one new, mouthless undead that appeared like little girl. Hulking Rephaim with skin-grafted SBAC (short barrel autocannon) a problem – suggested new name “SBACula.” Fragged Oskar. APC nearly destroyed. Use tangle guns and corpse-catchers to subdue specimen in holding tank. Called in Nephilim. Hellbeast attacked, Lance outmatched. Bogdanovich and co-pilot assumed dead along with hellbeast. Aircraft destroyed. Short range communication devices insufficient. Need to find old radio tower and cobble together something to call HQ.



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