Necropolis 2350 Character Creation

Welcome to Salus, or “Necropolis,” as the civs call it; the last habitable planet left to humanity is yours to defend. The Pope and God have called you to eradicate evil incarnate: The undead Rephaim.

You are all Knights, the elite fighting arm of the Church, belonging to the same order. There are five Sacri Ordines (Holy Orders), devoted to serving Church and God and defending the human masses from the Satanic Rephaim.

Character Creation:

  1. Follow the Necropolis 2350 Player’s Guide character creation rules on P. 9. Follow the Savage Worlds character creation rules. Pick a Branch and Rank and make sure you are raising attributes to meet the minimum requirements. Pick Edges and Hindrances, either from the Savage Worlds Core Book or the Player’s Guide.
  2. Decide as a group which Sacer Ordo (Holy Order) you belong to. It must be the same one. Note benefits, purpose and requirements.
  3. You start as ‘Seasoned Characters’ so give yourselves 20 XP and pick ‘Advances’ per the rules.
  4. “Guts” is no longer a core skill in Savage Worlds. Ignore any requirement for Guts. If an archetype or ability grants a bonus, instead grant the bonus to Spirit rolls vs. fear.
  5. One of you must be the Senior Knight. You’re in charge and everyone knows it – the other PC’s are subordinates. Free will is not valued in the Holy Order. Failure on any mission is always attributed to poor leadership.
  6. Round out your equipment per your Rank and character type.
  7. Introduce character name, rank or other qualities (reflected by hindrances, edges, attributes).
  8. You’ve been a knight for a while and know the other members of your Lance (fighting squad). Answer the following questions (you can keep them private):
  • What is your attitude towards the other PC’s? Do you secretly hate one? Respect another? Why? The Senior Knight: is he worthy of your respect or do you loathe him? Why?
  • What Bible verse sticks in your head the most? Consult the Holy Book for ideas.
  • Half of humanity exists under Church dominion. The other half exists inside the Corporate City States. While both fight the Rephaim, they also are diametrically opposed to each other. What do you think of the Corporate Board Members? Do you envy them? Think that they are soft, money-grubbers?
  • The vast majority of civilians depend on you and the battalions of church sergeants and other military types to protect them from the undead. The regular citizen isn’t allowed weaponry. What is your opinion of the masses you are charged to protect?
  • Church TV and Radio provide wholesome entertainment and a way for your Holy Order to earn funds. How do you view the media?
  • All of you must keep vows of Chastity, Poverty, Obedience and Piety in addition to your Order’s own rules. What does it mean to follow these? Are they loose guidelines? Antiquated nonsense? God’s Law?
  • What is your greatest Sin? Does anyone know? Were you punished?

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Necropolis 2350 Character Creation

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